Vendee Globe Race Progress

All eyes are on the running Vendee Globe race, which is a solo expedition of 29 boats around the world which the skippers need to do solo. There has been a lot in the news about Alex Thomson, who had been in the leading position till this weekend when his boat got damaged partially by a submerged object.

Indeed, the fleet had been advancing towards the Cape of Good Hope when this incident occurred. The latest news about this race showcases the trouble that the South Atlantic waters are causing for the boats. The fast passage route that was defined has become unavailable for the fleet of the Vendee Globe.

The top seven boats have come in for a bad time as a result. The front runners were looking to stock up on extra miles as the conditions were perfect. Even Alex Thomson was close to breaking the world record when his accident forced him to start sailing at a slower speed.

Most of the top boats were playing at a speed of 20 knots or more and there were many who trying to stay in touch with the front running vessels. There was a forecast of light and changeable winds in the area around St Helena High. As a result, many are caught in frustrating days when they are forced to slow down their pace and progress. They will probably be in similar conditions till they reach the mid waters of the South Atlantic, as they make their way upto the finish line in Jezera.

Alex Thomson still maintains his lead of the group in front and they are forging ahead, hoping to reach the Cape of Good Hope soon. This will bring them at the gateway of entering the Southern Ocean and they are hoping to reach this position by Friday. However, there are about 21 sailors behind the lucky seven who would have to spend more time in the gusty winds and waters which push them back by 2000 nautical miles or more.

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