Indian Woman Boat Reaches Cape Town

The sailboat of Indian Navy Mhadei carrying all women crew members reached Cape Town. The team started the journey from Goa and reach to Cape Town, after having some tough experiences.

The objective of making the boat to reach Cape Town is the participation of teams in the “Cape to Rio 2017“. The race was organized by the Yacht Club Royal Cape (RCYC) of Cape Town.

There were six lady officers present on the boat, and the boat was skippered by Lt Commander Vartika Joshi, with the yacht provided by Croatia yacht charters. In addition to covering the long journey, the lady officers, before, sending the woman officer on the voyage, proper training was imparted to all the members by Capt Atool Sinha at Ocean Sailing Node at Goa. The Node is recently set here.

The voyage from Goa to Cape Town was scheduled for 45 days and 5,000 nm. The voyage was to take place through the heavy weather and it was their longest leg as yet. However, in the circumnavigation aspirations the voyage has become one of the important milestones.

The six member crew included Lt Swathi, Pratibha, Aishwarya, Payal and Vijaya. All the officers are from diverse backgrounds. In their services, the officers were from different fields like teaching, naval architect, air traffic controller, etc. But, what brought them together is their passion for sailing.

Their determination, courage and grit are an inspiration for all the Indians. Moreover, it is a testimony to women working in the field of women empowerment in modern India. This crew is trying to make an attempt to be the first Indian all women doing the circumnavigation of the globe in the year 2017.

The Indian navy is managing the voyage of these women and the authorities of the Navy are close coordination with the team. It is also sharing the report.

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