Ladies Sailing Convention: Opportunity to Meet and Learn


The Sailing Convention for Women has been providing opportunities for almost 30 years to new as well as experienced woman sailors for learning, discussing, and connecting.  This year the all-day women’s convention is going to be held on the 1st of February in Corona del Mar at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht club. The event was created by Gail Hine and it has been running since it commenced. The event offers a lot of things like a series of workshops based on shore and boats. The plus point of the workshops is that they are applicable for sailors of every level of skill. From a beginner to an expert, everyone can be a part of these at the convention.

The atmosphere of the convention has been described as friendly and inspiring by the creator herself. Attendees have the option to select from a combination of workshops in different areas that fits their ability and interest. According to Hines, one out of all the core workshops that is popular among women is the Suddenly Single Handed Workshop. In this one, the sailor is on her way to Catalina Island when the only person with her on the boat falls and breaks her arm and she is alone to take charge of the boat.
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For Ingham, It Is Lifetime Opportunity

Mustafa Ingham in a recent interview said I feel honoured as well as humbled that I have got the chance to compete among elite sailors of the world in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race (RSHR), which will begin on the Boxing Day. Ingham is now 21-year-old and he is the part of a team who is taking part on Info Track racing yacht. It is owned by an Australian entrepreneur, Christian Beck.

“Surely it is the lifetime opportunity and I am really honoured and feeling humble to become the part of such team that has so many stars.,” Ingham was in Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and competed for Team Bermuda last year in the Great Sound. He added, “For me, it is a really a big learning experience. I am sure I will learn lots of things and will know how to sail in different conditions, will receive information from some of the world’s best sailors and it is exciting for me that I will be able to call star sailors as my teammates.”
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New Dinghy Boat UFO Foiler Design

UFO foiler has been introduced to help dinghy sailing move to another level. It is also a low cost foiler and would help to disrupt the present scenario of dinghy sailing. The UFO is a foiling object that is unique since it can help dinghies to be in rough waters even when other foilers remain stranded on the beach. Sailors would also be able to pick up the foiling strategies in this new boat design with less effort.

Dave Clark has coo created the UFO foiler boat design and is an apostle for the same. He explains that this catamaran vessel of 10 ft height comprises of a thick lay-up of tri axial fiberglass; its handling is smoother, even if it would prove to be a challenge in differing water conditions. His enthusiasm about the new UFO foiler’s capabilities in the water remains high, especially how it flies. Judges who have witnessed the new boat design in water also agree that this boat will disrupt the concept of dinghy sailing as it exists and will act as a foiler that provides all access at low cost.
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Team Sun Kung Kai/Scallwag that recently won the Melbourne to Hong Kong leg at the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) has a female navigator Libby Greenhalgh who is very passionate about women involvement in sailing.

Greenhalgh is not impressed with the current turnout of females in the three pinnacle events of the game. She complained of only seven females participating in the Vendee Globe race, with a fewer number being involved with America’s Cup. She is excited with the prospect of more women sailors especially following VOR’s rule encouraging teams to have female sailors. Greenhalgh opines that VOR’s rule will be a trailblazer for women interested in professional sailing.


Turner Honored By New York Yacht Club

The New York Yacht Club Medal was bestowed on legend Ted Turner by the New York Yacht Club on June 6th, 2017.

The honoring ceremony took place at the 44th Street Clubhouse and its celebrated Turner’s 40th year of the Courageous crew. The best achievement by Turner and his crew was when they won the America’s Cup in 1977. This is going to be a soon to be released documentary as well on the NBC.

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Indian Woman Boat Reaches Cape Town

The sailboat of Indian Navy Mhadei carrying all women crew members reached Cape Town. The team started the journey from Goa and reach to Cape Town, after having some tough experiences.

The objective of making the boat to reach Cape Town is the participation of teams in the “Cape to Rio 2017“. The race was organized by the Yacht Club Royal Cape (RCYC) of Cape Town.

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Get Yacht LAMIMA On Charter

For this New Year, Lamia the sailing yacht (World’s largest sailing yacht made of wood) is available for charter.

If you had no plan for this New Year till date, then make it for Indonesia and celebrate New Year evening in 65m/214ft yacht.

LAMIMA offers the blend of traditional and modern world amenities and celebrating New Year in this yacht is the most exotic of experiencing things. It is ideal for those who are looking for a tropical getaway in this New Year. There is graceful furnishing everywhere in this yacht and that creates a complete restful environment to get drenched up in the sun in the mornings and it becomes balmy during evenings.

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