Team New Zealand Unveils Their America’s Cup Boat

The America’s Cup new boat has been unveiled by the Emirates Team New Zealand. This new boat is a sleek one and is 50 feet long. This wing sailed catamaran is currently doing its test rounds on the Auckland waters. The skipper of the Emirates Team New Zealand team Glenn Ashby did not want to lose precious time to test this new beauty.

The skipper and the crew are looking to get acclimatized with the new boat and are also into training mode on this new catamaran. One of the interesting things that people who spotted the team testing the waters noted is that the crew was seen pushing pedals rather than using the turn handles and this came as a big surprise to everyone. Continue reading “Team New Zealand Unveils Their America’s Cup Boat”

Vendee Globe Race Progress

All eyes are on the running Vendee Globe race, which is a solo expedition of 29 boats around the world which the skippers need to do solo. There has been a lot in the news about Alex Thomson, who had been in the leading position till this weekend when his boat got damaged partially by a submerged object.

Indeed, the fleet had been advancing towards the Cape of Good Hope when this incident occurred. The latest news about this race showcases the trouble that the South Atlantic waters are causing for the boats. The fast passage route that was defined has become unavailable for the fleet of the Vendee Globe. Continue reading “Vendee Globe Race Progress”