Ladies Sailing Convention: Opportunity to Meet and Learn


The Sailing Convention for Women has been providing opportunities for almost 30 years to new as well as experienced woman sailors for learning, discussing, and connecting.  This year the all-day women’s convention is going to be held on the 1st of February in Corona del Mar at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht club. The event was created by Gail Hine and it has been running since it commenced. The event offers a lot of things like a series of workshops based on shore and boats. The plus point of the workshops is that they are applicable for sailors of every level of skill. From a beginner to an expert, everyone can be a part of these at the convention.

The atmosphere of the convention has been described as friendly and inspiring by the creator herself. Attendees have the option to select from a combination of workshops in different areas that fits their ability and interest. According to Hines, one out of all the core workshops that is popular among women is the Suddenly Single Handed Workshop. In this one, the sailor is on her way to Catalina Island when the only person with her on the boat falls and breaks her arm and she is alone to take charge of the boat.
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