New Dinghy Boat UFO Foiler Design

UFO foiler has been introduced to help dinghy sailing move to another level. It is also a low cost foiler and would help to disrupt the present scenario of dinghy sailing. The UFO is a foiling object that is unique since it can help dinghies to be in rough waters even when other foilers remain stranded on the beach. Sailors would also be able to pick up the foiling strategies in this new boat design with less effort.

Dave Clark has coo created the UFO foiler boat design and is an apostle for the same. He explains that this catamaran vessel of 10 ft height comprises of a thick lay-up of tri axial fiberglass; its handling is smoother, even if it would prove to be a challenge in differing water conditions. His enthusiasm about the new UFO foiler’s capabilities in the water remains high, especially how it flies. Judges who have witnessed the new boat design in water also agree that this boat will disrupt the concept of dinghy sailing as it exists and will act as a foiler that provides all access at low cost.
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