Vendee Globe Race Progress

All eyes are on the running Vendee Globe race, which is a solo expedition of 29 boats around the world which the skippers need to do solo. There has been a lot in the news about Alex Thomson, who had been in the leading position till this weekend when his boat got damaged partially by a submerged object.

Indeed, the fleet had been advancing towards the Cape of Good Hope when this incident occurred. The latest news about this race showcases the trouble that the South Atlantic waters are causing for the boats. The fast passage route that was defined has become unavailable for the fleet of the Vendee Globe. Continue reading “Vendee Globe Race Progress”

Get Yacht LAMIMA On Charter

For this New Year, Lamia the sailing yacht (World’s largest sailing yacht made of wood) is available for charter.

If you had no plan for this New Year till date, then make it for Indonesia and celebrate New Year evening in 65m/214ft yacht.

LAMIMA offers the blend of traditional and modern world amenities and celebrating New Year in this yacht is the most exotic of experiencing things. It is ideal for those who are looking for a tropical getaway in this New Year. There is graceful furnishing everywhere in this yacht and that creates a complete restful environment to get drenched up in the sun in the mornings and it becomes balmy during evenings.

LAMIMA is also offering massages of different type that can be enjoyed at the exterior of the yacht; this enhances the overall Indonesian aroma. Continue reading “Get Yacht LAMIMA On Charter”